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What is the Knowledge base?

Knowledge base is a set of specialistic articles. They are addressed to everyone who is interested in gaining professional and reliable information on different types of diseases and complaints and surgical treatment.

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Flattened foot

This deformity affects mostly women. The foot is very wide, even webbed. The condition is characterized by protruding of the first and fourth metatarsal bone to the medial and lateral side of the foot.


Rheumatic foot

Rheumatic disease often leads to destructions of the foot joints. Frequently, very big deformities form in a very short period of time. Specific character of this condition does not allow to describe the deformities precisely.


Static pes planus transversus

A condition in which the transverse arch of the foot is reduced or even reversed. Heads of the second and third metatarsal bone are located lower than first, fourth and fifth metatarsal bones.