A condition in which the transverse arch of the foot is reduced or even reversed. Heads of the second and third metatarsal bone are located lower than first, fourth and fifth metatarsal bones. Painful calluses form under the head of the second and third metatarsal bone and make walking difficult.

This condition affects mainly women.

Often co-existing conditions are: mallet toes (second and third), pes planovalgus staticus, inefficiency of the tibialis posterior muscle or secondary degenerative changes in the foot.


Conservative therapy ? maintenance of the best possible foot performance by regular exercises,  wearing insoles with metatarsal support and whirl massages. However, in some cases these methods are insufficient.

Surgical treatment

We propose osteotomy of the second and third metatarsal bone, which should reconstruct the transverse arch, Weill?s surgical method and corrective osteotomy of the heel.

Postoperative treatment – similar to hallux valgus treatment.